Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting


My family is huge on traditions. Every year during Christmas time, without fail, we trek down to the Christmas Tree Farm by our house and find the most perfect, tallest, and fullest tree there is and take it home with us. We then have a Christmas tree decorating party with friends and family, and hot cocoa and christmas cookies too! Every year on Easter, we wake up, go to church, come home to a delicious brunch and finally, the best part, indulge in our absolute favorite carrot cake!

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Rosemary Citrus Bars


I like to describe these bars as a little bit mysterious and unexpected. Awesome and delicious, but definitely different. I know what you’re thinking, I really do. Promise. You’re saying how could savory rosemary possibly go well with something sweet? Rosemary is made for roasted potatoes, meats or proteins, artisan breads, and crackers. And you’re right. BUT. With a little help from the gods (sugar) we can transform a savory herb into a sweet, tangy, and light dessert.

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Homemade Nutella & Peanut Butter Brownies


I’d like to say I’m lying. I’d like to tell you that it just happened, that it was completely unintentional, and that dipping pretzels in Nutella should totally count as dinner. But the truth is that I’m not lying, it was completely intentional, and yes, as a college student, sometimes my dinner consisted of Nutella and pretzels simply out of my laziness to muster up the energy, walk outside in the bitter, cold, Rhode Island weather, and hop on a shuttle to the dining hall. Now that I’m back home in warm and sunny Southern California, I no longer have an excuse to have dessert for dinner, and that dessert should be just that, dessert. Darn.

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