A Fresh Start!

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I never had the intention to stop blogging, however being absent from the blogosphere for a while has allowed me to put my complete focus on other aspects of my life, which has turned out to be a really positive experience for me. I’m near completing all required units to transfer to a four year university- FINALLY. And I’ve finished copious amounts of college applications just to give myself plenty of options. If all goes well, I’ll be off on my next adventure by the time Fall rolls around.

Other than school, I’ve been working nearly every day as a child care assistant in elementary schools which I have absolutely fallen in love with! I know hands down that I want to go into the field of education (hopefully not how I thought I “hands down” wanted to be a chef). I love being able to be a positive influence in the lives of the kids I work with and I’m really excited to head into this new career path.

Taking a break from blogging and other social media sites alike has allowed me to invest more time in my family. After transferring back home from college in Rhode Island, I think I took advantage of the time I was home, not fully realizing my time back in California was limited. Now with the possibility of transferring in just 5 short months, it’s hit me that I’ll be saying farewell to family sooner than anticipated.

With all this said, I have full intentions to start this blog back up in full swing! But with a few changes. I’m always trying to be healthier as an individual and lets be honest, the recipes I used to post on here weren’t exactly the best for our waistlines. After completing my first Whole30 program recently, my views on food have been radically changed. For those who don’t know, Whole30 is a program lasting 30 days in which all consumption of dairy, legumes, sugar, grain, and alcohol, along with some preservatives are completely stripped from your diet. It is not meant as a weight loss program, but simply a new and healthier way of eating. During my Whole30, I experienced a dramatic increase of energy, clearer skin, better sleep at night, and more endurance during workouts. Since reintroducing some of those particular food groups back into my diet and feeling the ill effects of some of them, I have since committed to eating whole, clean foods 80% of the time while still allowing myself the occasional treat. Some don’t agree with this way of eating, but if my body responded so well to eating “paleo” and mostly whole foods, why would I change that??

SO, the majority of the recipes posted from here on out will focus on healthy ingredients in order to nourish our bodies with the best food possible! Don’t worry, dessert posts will still be included although my new main focus is on more savory options. I hope you all are in support of this new change. Let the healthy eating begin!


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